KATY PREMIER FC will offer a third day of practice at a Futsal indoor facility located in Katy for players looking to improve on techincal skills.  Katy Premier camps and Futsal league play will be offered in the Summer.   Please call the main number to reserve you time slot.


Futsal is a fun, fast-paced and exciting small-sided soccer game that came from South America. Futsal is played all around the globe and is the only indoor soccer game officially recognized by both UEFA and FIFA. In fact, 100 countries entered the 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup. Fabulous for youth soccer players, the game of Futsal develops technical skill and ability. In the tight spaces of the five-a-side game (5 players against 5 players) technique matters. Unlike soccer, players enjoy hundreds of touches on the ball as the sphere speeds across the smooth, glossy floor of the court. In Futsal, players often find themselves one-on-one against an opponent and quick decision making is important. With the opposition constantly attacking, maintaining possession of the ball is critical and this helps develop great passing skills.